I am a Slovakian-born fashion designer, currently living in Amsterdam.
I am a Design Anthropologist, both learning from tradition and moving forward with industry.
In my work I explore the fusion of industry and craft, high and low tech, tradition and the contemporary.
Through the discovery of new technologies, I seek to bring forgotten techniques into the realm of the contemporary fashion collection.

My work is a vehicle to explore human context and connectivity.
When I look back on my educational and professional life I see that each step has lead to who I am today:
a designer with a clear sense of professionalism and work ethic;
a designer with a strong affinity for detail and craftsmanship; and above all
a designer who celebrates individualism, where every design is a house for one. 

A few years ago I started Popolop, my own label.
With Popolop, I have been able to experiment in various areas of fashion design.
It has given me a space to grow as a designer and become familiar with different textile-related technologies,
from yarn development and manufacturing, to textile production and overall garment development.
I am familiar with working on a tight budget and enjoy working closely with production companies,
especially as it pertains to the development of knitwear.  
I am able to work on all aspects of building a collection.

In the early nineties I began my design education in Slovakia, in the field of architecture.
After having an inspiring experience with stage and costume design for an avant-garde theater group,
I switched the focus of my education to fashion.  
From there I went onto graduate from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam (NL) 2002 in the Fashion Department, and in 2005 I completed the FIA Master Class program (Arnhem, NL).  
Directly after graduation I started the label Kluckova Brown, which finished in 2007.